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N I K K I  F E N T O N



b  e  s  p  o  k  e   w  e  d  d  i  n  g  s


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. But it can also quite stressful: negotiating venues, setting the best time and date, dealing with vendors and suppliers can be difficult, especially if you have chosen to have your wedding in Israel. Trying to arrange a wedding long distance is not an easy task.

Nikki Fenton Bespoke Weddings has years of experience planning weddings in Israel. Together we will choose the best time and place for your special day, whether it is a luxurious event space or an intimate beach wedding timed with the setting of the sun.


Nikki Fenton has lived in Israel for many years and over time has gathered a wealth of local secrets that she shares with her clients to create the most magical of weddings: from top chefs, who will create culinary specialities, local musicians, to flower designers and event stylists, who will bring your vision into reality. Nikki Fenton Bespoke Weddings will take care of every little detail so you can enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

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